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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Originally posted on Flight of the Condors:
Pay a visit to any of South America's cities and you will quickly be struck by the contrasts. In Buenos Aires you will see piles of rubbish at the feet of glass towers.…

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Penmanship and Personality: An Ode to the Handwritten Note

Originally posted on the world in words:
Remember all that talk earlier this year about US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s signature? It’s hard to call it a signature at all, it looks more like an unfurled slinky. People called the…

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The Death Of Blogs? Or Of Magazines?

Originally posted on The Dish:
As part of his “eulogy for the blog”, Marc Tracy touches upon the evolution of the Dish – which he praises as “a soap opera pegged to the news cycle”: [T]oday, Google Reader is dying, Media Decoder is…

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This is Korea (Remix)

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Dada Elephant Celebes ( Jin Kim )

The Elephant Celebes (or Celebes) is a 1921 painting by the German Dadaist and surrealist Max Ernst. It is among the most famous of Ernst’s early surrealist works and “undoubtedly the first masterpiece of Surrealist painting in the De Chirico … Continue reading

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Remix Reflection (Jin Kim)

After watching some videos about remix, I think that remix is like inspiration for designers.I sometimes get inspired by books, magazines, and images from landscape architects. To me, remixing is not copying or cheating, but it is blending someone’s idea with my … Continue reading

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Photo Essay (Jin Kim) The photo essay is about the environmental perspective of Fargo. You may need a prezi account to view this photo essay.

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